Upgrade Solutions works with customers worldwide from its base in Israel’s Jezreel Valley. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service, from answering inquiries through to arranging delivery. Our flexible approach enables us to provide the right solution for each customer, based on their specifications and requirements.


Shmulik Bakerman

Founder & CEO

Shmulik was previously CEO of various cutting-edge agritech and meditech businesses, including developing sterile supply center for hospitals. He has an MBA and BSc degrees and experience working with the public sector and in farming.

Israel Friedman

Founder & CFO

Israel has a BA in finance. He has worked as finance director for various local and regional councils, for Tel Hai College, and as supervising accountant for Israel’s Interior Ministry.

Yosi Einav

Director of Operations

Yosi worked for 22 years as an Application Developer for John Deere Water in Israel before joining Upgrade Solutions. He is highly experienced in every aspect of product development and operations.


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